Cat on a Diet


Cat on a Diet on Steam

MSRP: $4.99 Steam / $2.99 iTunes Store

Platforms: Windows, iOS

Release: 9/26/13

Cat on a Diet is a puzzle game that’s been out for several years on iOS, but has only recently come to Steam for Windows PCs. Although I have very few games on my phone (Pokemon Go and Two Dots manage to suck up enough of my time, thank you), I collect puzzle games for PC, notably those that are either very minimalistic or insanely cute. Cat on a Diet falls firmly into the insanely cute category.


Poor Dr. Meow has gotten just a little too chubby, and he’s been told that he can’t have any more cookies.  Of course, Dr. Meow finds this unacceptable, and needs your help to figure out how to get into the cookie jar through upwards 100 levels in four different locations.   Completing the level earns you a star, collecting all the muffins on a level earns you a second one, and you get the third if you can do it all in few enough clicks. This matters because three-starring a level grants you a power-up that can be used on future levels.


This is certainly enough to put into an inexpensive game like this, but there are also collectibles in the form of cat costumes.  If you’re a fan of physics based puzzles, adorably chubby cats, or cookies (ok, really, just the first one), you’re likely to get your money’s worth out of Cat on a Diet.  Moreso if you pick it up on Steam before Monday – it’s currently on sale for only $0.49.

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