The Project

I begin this project with 355 games in my Steam library, 66 in my GOG launcher, and various and sundry other games installed on my PC and tablet and phone, as well as probably 50 games kicking around for the XBox 360 we hardly ever use.

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch, then, to tell you that I can talk a little bit about a different game every day for the entirety of 2016. What would be a stretch is if I promised you full & detailed reviews.  There are games that take far more than 24 hours to complete, some that have nearly infinite replay value and therefore no real end, and life is such that even committing to finishing some of games that are more moderate in length at the rate of one a day is unrealistic.

What I hope to do is give a bit of a snapshot of 366 different games, spanning multiple genres and quite a few years. I will let you know where to buy or download them, and in the case of PC games, if I had to do any acrobatics to make them play nice with Windows 8.1.


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