Two Dots

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Two Dots

MSRP: Free, with in game purchasing

Platforms: iOS, Android, WinPhone, Win10

Release: 5/29/14

Sometime last night, while I was doing other things and not keeping an eye on it, my computer finally updated itself to Windows 10, and although there are a few things that aren’t working quite the way I want them to, overall, it hasn’t been a nearly as horrific as I was expecting. However, the highlight so far is learning that I can now play Two Dots on my PC instead of just on my phone.

Two Dots is one of those games that looks really easy – and at the beginning, it really is – and then gets really strategic the further you progress. Each level gives you a goal and a set number of moves in which to accomplish that goal.  You clear dots by connecting them horizontally and vertically, or best yet, in squares of the same color.

There are a lot of levels. That’s part of the appeal of this kind of (mostly) mobile game – you’ll never run out of things to do.  There are also weekly “treasure hunts” which give you a series of hard – and I mean really hard – boards that are only available for a few days. I was disappointed to discover that there’s no real treasure at the end of the treasure hunt (I was expecting a handful of free purchaseables), but for me at least, the temporary availability makes these levels more compelling than the main game.


I’ve been playing Two Dots on and off for well over a year, and even though it’s sometimes frustrating, it has yet to get old.  However, I have not spent any money in the game yet even though there’s no shortage of available in game purchases to help you over a challenging section. There is also Facebook integration that allows you to sync your progress in between devices, and share scores and achievements with friends. You can also replay completed levels to try to improve your score, and your only limitation is the number of lives, which recharge at a reasonable rate of one every 20 minutes.

It’s a time waster, no doubt, but it’s the kind of time waster you might be glad to have on your phone or tablet when you’re at the laundromat or in the waiting room at your doctor’s office. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who can’t resist pushing the buy button every time you’ve got a level so damn close to completion, because I imagine the game makes more money on $0.99 bonus moves than anything else.

2 thoughts on “Two Dots

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