Deadly 30

2016-09-10 19_17_54-Deadly 30.jpg

Deadly 30 on Steam

MSRP: $4.99

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux

Release: 1/8/14

With the sheer number of indie (and non-indie) zombie games floating about, there are plenty of decent games that just fly under the radar because, well, they’re zombie games that aren’t doing anything revolutionary.  Deadly 30 is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up with base management elements.  It’s not bad, but it’s not really something outstanding either.

2016-09-10 19_20_15-Deadly 30.jpg

There’s very little in the way of instruction – if I hadn’t checked the controls early on, I would have no idea that I could expect to find any other playable survivors.  The game starts at night, and since I had a flashlight, I immediately started wandering around, killing zombies and collecting scrap metal.  It was only when dawn came that I discovered you’re supposed to stay in base, improving and defending it, during the night hours, while day time is for exploring. Oops.

2016-09-10 19_22_31-Deadly 30.jpg

Aiming didn’t seem to matter all that much – zombies took roughly the same amount of bullets to fall down whether I was executing what looked like perfect head shots or if I was haphazardly blasting them full of holes. If your gun is pointed in the general vicinity of the monsters, and you have bullets, early on, killing them before they reach you shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  However, every day, a new, more difficult enemy is added to the game, which keeps increasing the challenge.

2016-09-10 19_24_55-Deadly 30.jpg

As you level up, you unlock different weapons, but it’s unclear how you access them.  There is a shop in your base, but they don’t seem to be immediately available for purchase there.  Outside of your base, it seems like there’s nothing but zombies and scrap metal (the game’s currency). It’s also unclear how you switch between weapons you have access to, except for your melee weapon, which you automatically equip and and attack with when the monsters are too close.

2016-09-10 19_33_08-Deadly 30.jpg

The whole thing feels just a little bit clumsy – it’s easy to misclick something and misspend resources or time.  I didn’t make it through the third night, and success in Deadly 30 is – unsurprisingly – lasting for thirty.  You could do a lot worse for the very reasonable asking price.  However, Deadly 30 is also available as part of the Bundle Stars Horror Heroes Bundle, containing 8 indie horror games for only $2.99.


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