Violett Remastered Edition


Violett Remastered Edition (demo available)

MSRP: $9.99

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux

Release: 12/13/13

Don’t buy Violett Remastered Edition expecting a story rich, point and click adventure game. You will be disappointed.  There’s no dialog – no on screen text, and no voice acting. There’s the barest whisper of a story here, and at least in my world, the point and click adventure genre should be first and foremost a tale. As far as I’m concerned, this is a straight up puzzle game, and once I wrapped my head around that, I actually began to enjoy it. Mostly.


I have to give the developers this much; it’s a damn pretty game.  It’s not a coherent or even a mostly logical game, but it’s gorgeous to look at. The music is lovely.  I’ve even encountered a really satisfying puzzle or two.  However, for the most part, Violett takes the worst of adventure game logic, and just expects you to keep up with some rather non intuitive leaps. I’m guessing that whoever was in charge of coming up with Steam achievements knew how esoteric the game could be.

2016-08-23 09_57_34-Steam.jpg

True confession: I bounced hard off the entire Myst series because it made me feel stupid, and I had no patience for it.  I play games for the good feelings – the feelings of being powerful, or smart, or heck, I’ll settle for clever. Somehow, Violett gives me a similar experience as Myst did, but instead of feeling like I’m an idiot, I find myself questioning the sanity of the folks who came up with these puzzles.  Maybe that’s something that comes with age, and has nothing to do with the game, but when the setting is so damn odd, and items behave in ways that defy any knowledge of reality, I think there’s more to it.


If you’re a fan of puzzles that can (eventually) be solved by randomly clicking, a help system that’s anything but helpful, and a collectible hunt with absolutely no form of tracking, then maybe you’ll love Violett Remastered Edition.  I only have the patience to play it in short bursts, myself, and I’m forever feeling like the answer must be so obvious only to discover that, no, no it’s not.  There is a demo available on Steam, and it’s a game that you can frequently find on sale somewhere, so I wouldn’t recommend that anyone pick it up at full price, but it does have a certain charm that keeps me coming back to it.

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