Plastiland on Steam

MSRP: $7.99 (Steam) / $2.99 – $4.70 (mobile)

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire

Release: 3/1/15

So, I kind of just want to say hey, this is Lemmings done in claymation and leave it at that. Because all by itself, that’s pretty freaking fantastic.  Let’s put aside for a minute that the developers have marked the target audience as “Ages 6-8”, that it’s a mobile port, and that someone somewhere felt it appropriate to tag the Steam version as a platformer.  Let’s just stick with claymation Lemmings, shall we?


I’m sure someone will probably read this and say “Wait, Lemmings, what?”, and you have my condolences.  Lemmings was one of the defining games of my childhood.  Basically, you’re looking at a puzzle-focused game where little critters get dropped out of one hole, and must be led to another hole, but without your intervention in assigning jobs to certain creatures, they’ll just keep walking until they run up against something that will splatter their adorable little guts all over the place.


Here we have little orange balls, and jobs that are pretty standard for people familiar with the game style.  It’s charmingly nostalgic, the art is fantastic, and the game works pretty well for being a mobile port without a lot of attention given to the niceties of non-touchscreen play.  Click on an orb, and a menu wheel will pop up allowing you to assign an available job, or to revert a ball with a job into a standard roller.  It’s functional, and you’re probably not going to play this looking for extreme challenges.


There are 48 post-tutorial levels, spread across three worlds. Now, as much as I find Plastiland to be completely and utterly enchanting, let’s be real here.  This game is not long enough for its $8 price tag.  If Zillion Whales had kept it closer to the mobile price (really, anywhere from $3 – $5 would have been spot on), there might have been a better argument for this even existing for Windows PC.  But with only 48 post-tutorial levels, and a fairly low difficulty curve due to being marketed to children, there’s not enough game here for a full price purchase.


This is one I would wholeheartedly recommend in a bundle, at a deep discount, or for your preferred mobile device.  I received a coupon on Steam for 90% off when completing a badge on Steam, and for $0.79, I decided to give it a whirl just because it looked pretty.  It’s nothing that would appeal to a hardcore gamer without any nostalgia goggles for the game type, but for gamers of a certain age, it’s delightful, even more so because it can be shared with the small people in our lives.

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