Quell on Steam

MSRP: $3.99 / $1.99 on mobile platforms

Platform: Windows, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Nook

Release: 8/7/10

Note: Quell was originally developed for iOS, but the version I’m reviewing here is the PC version sold on Steam.

Quell is a series of block sliding puzzles which get more complex as you go through the levels.  The player can only directly manipulate the blue bubble, but that bubble will have different effects on some of the objects it can strike or pass through.  The object of each level is to collect all the pearls – as long as you meet this goal you will pass the level, but the game will also let you know the minimum number of moves it could have been done in.


The bubble will continue moving in the direction it is pushed until it comes up against a wall, at which point it stops.  The ball can be pushed off the sides of the screen through areas with no walls and will come back through the opposite side of the puzzle. Additional puzzle elements are explained at the top of the screen when they first appear. Best of all, the levels are not timed, making for a very relaxing puzzle experience.

There are 84 levels to play through, and you can replay a level at any time once you’ve completed it.  The background visuals are gorgeous, and the music is quite soothing.  The PC version comes with three separate profiles, so if you have more than one person playing on the same PC, you can save their progress separately.

After the first few levels, I found Quell to be challenging without being stressful.  It’s a decent mobile port, but personally, I think it’s a game I would have enjoyed more on my tablet than at my computer.


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