Titan Quest Gold


Titan Quest Gold on Steam

MSRP: $19.99

Platform: Windows

Release: 3/5/07

I rarely recommend complete packs right out of the gate, but with Titan Quest, you’re going to want to make sure you have the game and the expansion before you play.  In 2013, Nordic Games acquired the rights to Titan Quest, and is now providing updates (which, for a game this old, is nearly unheard of).   There have been several improvements that are currently in beta, and multiplayer has been re-enabled. However, all of these improvements require the expansion, Immortal Throne, in order to function.


Titan Quest Gold is an action RPG – similar game play-wise to games like the Torchlight games and Blizzard’s Diablo series – with a mythology based setting & story.  Instead of a more traditional class system, you can choose a skill mastery at level 2, and a second one at level 8 to create your own class. With 9 masteries available, this ends up giving the player far more play style choices than a traditional class system would.  As such, character creation is simply a case of selecting your character’s name, gender, and starting clothing color.

I initially attempted to play the base game only, and I was plagued with a whole mess of problems.  Despite having game sounds turned on, there was no music or combat sounds. Targeting was problematic – sometimes it worked fine, sometimes even repeated clicking on an enemy wouldn’t result in an attack animation. I honestly almost gave up before completing even a single story quest.


Even with the expac installed, this game really does itself a disservice in the first 10 minutes or so of play.  Because of the class-less system, you start out with no skills.  Your only weapon is a dagger, and you’re going to run into several packs of monsters that are going to probably kill you, or just about.  However, you do start out with a little bit of gold, and it might be worthwhile to stop in the first town and pick up a ranged weapon; I had a downright awful time with the dagger, but as soon as I grabbed a staff, things felt about 1000 times easier.

I ran into a couple small issues upon installing the expansion (for some reason, it’s not considered DLC and is listed separately in the Steam library).  Enabling the beta update was easy enough – go into properties, then beta tab, and select pre_nordic- from the dropdown.  However, when I went to launch the game, it threw up an error saying that Titan Quest needed to be installed.  I solved that problem by launching Titan Quest, exiting the game, and then launching Immortal Throne.  As long as you run Titan Quest at least once after installing Immortal Throne, you should be all set.


The game still looks pretty amazing after almost 10 years. There’s support for a wide range of resolutions.  Modding was always possible, but now there is also Steam Workshop support.  It seems to be missing a few of the basic conveniences ARPG players are used to – I can’t find a way to permanently turn on item tags, for example, but it feels solid and still very playable.

A single play through of Titan Quest Gold could take upwards of 40 hours. There are three difficulty levels, over 30 mastery combinations, and multiplayer support, which gives this game a whole lot of replay value. I’d call it a must buy for all ARPG fans if you can find it on a good sale, but it’s still worthy of consideration even at full price.


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