MSRP: Varies by platform (free – $4.99)

Platforms: iOS, Android, WinPhone, XBox One, or browser based here.

Release: 2/6/14

If you currently own a mobile device capable of playing games, and you don’t have Threes! loaded onto it, well, you probably should remedy that ASAP. Threes! is probably the game most well-suited for mobile platforms that I have ever played.  It’s easy to learn, but there’s strategy to it, and game play sessions can be only moments, or you can keep playing for hours trying to beat your previous high score.


You get a four by four grid, and the goal is to maximize your score by combining tiles to make larger and larger numbers. You swipe to combine tiles to make multiples of three – ones & twos will merge together to make a three, and other numbers will merge together when like tiles are up against one another. In order to combine tiles, one of the two tiles must be up against the edge of the grid; two like tiles will just move when swiped if they both have space to do so. Once the board is filled up and there are no moves available, the game is over.

I downloaded Threes! for my Kindle Fire free from Amazon Underground and it is one of the top two mobile games I’ve played as far as time invested goes. It’s both stunning in its simplicity, and maddening in its challenge.  You can try it out in your browser, or download a free version from the GooglePlay or Itunes Store.

One thought on “Threes!

  1. […] and it’s not even something I’m likely to play on my tablet when I find games like Threes! or even Suduko more satisfying if I’m in the mood for a numbers puzzler. I don’t even […]


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