Codewords by Teazel Limited on Amazon Underground

MSRP: Free (Amazon or Itunes), $2.49 (GooglePlay)

Platforms: Android, iOS

Released: 12/11/15

Ever since I got my first Kindle Fire, I’ve been trying to find decent games that don’t require Facebook integration or an internet connection. Amazon Underground has made it easy to try out new things, and if I don’t love them, well, all I’ve wasted is a little bit of time.  Amazon Underground offers 100% free apps for Amazon devices – no initial fee, and no in game purchases.

So, Codewords. Almost everyone is familiar with crossword puzzles.  Codewords are crossword puzzles that don’t have clues – a few letters are given to you at the start, and then you need to logically fill in the remainder into numbered squares.


The interface is simple. Touch any empty numbered square, and then touch the letter you want to fill in on the keyboard at the bottom. Make a mistake? Touch the filled square and then choose a different letter. You will get a confirmation screen to make sure that you want to make the change, but you can do that. Fill in all the letters correctly, and you’ll get a pop up saying you’ve solved the puzzle.

The iOS version is free, but has in-game purchases for additional puzzles.  Amazon’s version & GooglePlay’s version come with over 1000 puzzles to solve in various difficulties. If you enjoy this type of puzzle, it’s a steal even at $2.49.

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