Trick & Treat

2016-10-17 19_03_33-Trick & Treat EN v2.0.jpg

Trick & Treat on Steam

MSRP: Free (optional artbook for $2.99)

Platform: Windows

Release: 9/26/16

Sure, it’s the season of blood and gore and endless hordes of zombies, but sometimes, you just need to take a step back and play a cute little game about a woman who takes her maid trick or treating with her.  And then, there’s this.

2016-10-17 19_03_56-Trick & Treat EN v2.0.jpg

Well, okay then.

Trick & Treat is a RPG-maker game, and it’s free to boot, so I went in, not expecting a whole lot. I’m pretty sure the most terrifying thing that I encountered while playing was the fact that poor Amelia, maid to the kind of mean Miss Charlotte, has never let her out of the house before this particular Halloween night.

2016-10-17 19_04_41-Trick & Treat EN v2.0.jpg

In essence, this is a short JRPG styled adventure game.  Miss Charlotte takes you to a spooky house in the woods, runs off and leaves Amelia on her own, and the rest of the game is spent looking for her (and collecting candy).

2016-10-17 19_09_23-Trick & Treat EN v2.0.jpg

There are certainly worse RPG-Maker games out there, many of which have much higher price tags than free, and I enjoyed playing around with this Halloween-themed adventure, even if I’m not quite as smart as I think I am and managed to get eaten by … something.


There’s a handful of different endings, most of them horrible and bloody, so unless you’re very clever and can get the happy ending on your first go, there’s some replayability here.  If you’re looking for something cute (and did I mention, free?) to get you in the Halloween spirit, Trick & Treat just might, well, do the trick.

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