Floating Point


Floating Point on Steam

MSRP: Free

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux

Release: 6/6/14

Steam rating: 96% positive

Usually, if you stumble across a free game on Steam, it’s a lure to get you into a deep labyrinth of microtransactions. Floating Point is not one of those games.  In this case, free means free – there’s not even a donation option.


Gameplay for me was reminiscent of PixelJunk Eden, but with a little less graphical polish. You play entirely with the mouse, grappling from platform to platform while collecting all the red bars on the level.  Although each level has a discernable end, you’re also playing for score, which is based on how smoothly you’re able to move – bars are worth more when you hit them while moving quickly.


It’s not a game you’re likely to lose days to, but it’s a nice low-key game to unwind with.  Considering the complete and utter lack of cost, there’s no reason not to add it to your Steam library.

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