Lumino City


Lumino City on Steam

MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) / $4.99 (mobile)

Platforms: Win, Mac, iOS

Release: 12/3/14

Steam rating: 92% positive

Frequently, innovation in video games comes at the detriment of the game itself – sometimes the very thing which makes a game innovative is the same thing that takes away from the enjoyment of the game.  However, at its core, Lumino City is a perfectly passable puzzle game – it lacks the depth of story of a point-n-click adventure game, but the puzzles are frequent and fairly logical while still being challenging.


Where Lumino City sets itself apart from other puzzle games is in the art style.  There is no computer animation here – every single thing in the game is hand crafted.  It’s likely this is what drew someone to play this game over other puzzlers, and in this, its a smashing success.  Everything is gorgeous to look at, and the animation doesn’t seem to suffer for it in the least.


That said, the art is the only real standout feature of the game.  The puzzles are good, but not great, the game is extremely light on story, and although creating five hours of content with paper, wires and motors is a pretty impressive feat, a five hour playtime feels a little light for a $20 asking price.


There is a hint system, if you were to get stuck on a particular puzzle, and I really liked the idea of gating the hints behind yet another set of – admittedly much simpler – puzzles. For someone who enjoys the sparseness of the puzzle game genre, Lumino City is absolutely worth a playthrough, although I would recommend waiting for a sale unless you really want to support the artistic efforts of the developers.   As far as art is concerned, Lumino City is a steal, but as a video game, the price is set perhaps a little too high (a point that’s driven home by the fact the mobile version is only 25% of the price of the Steam version).

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