Turbo Pug

2016-12-12 22_33_24-Turbo Pug.png

Turbo Pug on Steam

MSRP: $0.99

Platform: Windows

Release: 11/9/15

Steam rating: 93% positive

Every time I think I might actually know a little bit about just about every gaming genre there is, I run into a new one.  Technically, this time it’s a sub-genre of platforming, so I guess it’s not entirely shocking I wouldn’t have stumbled across any endless runners before Turbo Pug.   Basically, it’s a platforming game with no option to stop and form any kind of strategy.  One mistimed jump and it’s game over.

2016-12-12 22_35_23-Greenshot.png

I don’t get it. I mean, sure cute little pixelated puppies and unlockables and leaderboards feel like a recipe for success (and given its high Steam rating, and the mess of Turbo Pug sequels, I guess it is).  You get points both for distance run and for any collectibles you manage to mush your adorable little puggy face into along the way.

2016-12-12 22_35_30-Greenshot.png

Procedural generation means no learning to play via muscle memory, and although I really liked the idea of unlockable characters, not having any idea what causes them to unlock was a little frustrating.  For someone who likes platformers, and has a dollar to spare, I can see the allure, but this just wasn’t my game.


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