Siralim 2


Siralim 2 on Steam

MSRP: $14.99 (Steam) / $4.99 (mobile)

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Release: 8/12/16

Steam rating: 96% positive

If you’re curious about the basics of Siralim 2, I’ll refer you to the post I did about it’s predecessor, Siralim, because this isn’t one of those sequels that totally turns a franchise on its ear.   Instead, it takes the already solid base, and expands and improves upon it in such a way that if you loved the first game, you should like this one better, and if you never played the first one, you can comfortably skip it for the new and improved version.


In the same way that Stardew Valley was a love letter to Harvest Moon, Siralim is a computer gaming version of handheld classics like Pokemon and Dragon Warrior Monsters. There are over 500 unique creatures to battle, collect, and breed, and there are some seriously challenging boss fights. There’s a library in your castle where you can research to your heart’s content, or you can, if you prefer, use an out-of-game wiki. You are unlikely to ever run out of things to try or do in Siralim 2.


I’ve already put in a few hours, and I’m stuck on the second boss. I know I have to go back and rebuild my team to be more effective against the never-ending army of death monsters that King Andrick summons (and he cannot be damaged while any of them are alive), which means making sure I have the right essences extracted to summon the proper creatures, and then they will need to be leveled up and given equipment and spell gems.  If you think you’re going to play through Siralim in an afternoon or two, well, you’re going to have to rethink that.


I keep this sticky note on my desktop while playing Siralim 2.

Siralim 2 has no end.  Sure, you can judge you progress based on character levels, or the size of your creature collection, or how many of the 608 steam achievements you’ve managed to unlock. The first expansion – Trials of the Gods – was released earlier this month and was given to all owners of Siralim 2 for free.  It’s unclear whether free expansions will continue going forward, but I really am impressed overall with the developers. There are some additional cosmetic content purchases available, but what you’re getting for $15 is mindblowing.  Even if you splurge the extra $5 and pick it up for your mobile platform of choice, Siralim 2 offers cloud saves.  You really can’t go wrong here, provided you like the monster hunting, collecting, and breeding grind.

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