Hook on Steam

MSRP: $0.99

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, WinPhone

Release: 1/5/15

Steam Rating: 97% positive

Normally, I hate puzzle games that are too minimalistic – where there are no menus, no instructions, nothing but the puzzles presented without commentary.  Hook proves that every rule needs its exception.  From the time you click on your first gray circle, you are learning the ways of the game, and there’s oh so much that this game does just perfectly.


Having played through half the game now (Hook only has 50 levels and might take you an hour start to finish), I don’t believe there are any tricks here.  There’s no guessing.  The game gives you exactly as much information as you need to clear each board.  The objective is to reel in each heavy line by clicking on the attached circle.  There are no timers or scores – this is a pass / fail exam – choose the wrong button and get caught on another line, and the level instantly resets.


When a new element is introduced (like the connector circles in the picture above), the first puzzle is very simple to acclimate you to the new element.  Clicking the connector circles changes their orientation, making it possible to pull each line in separately using the same button.


The soundtrack is pleasantly mellow, but you could certainly play Hook while listening to music of your choice or to a podcast, but make note there is no in-game way to turn off or change the volume of the music. However, that’s pretty much the only flaw I can point to in this game – it may be simple, but it just works, and its price point is a good value for what’s on offer here.

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