Rollers of the Realm


Rollers of the Realm on Steam

MSRP: $9.99

Platforms: Windows, PS4, PSVita

Release: 11/18/14

Rollers of the Realm is exactly the kind of game that still leaves me feeling giddy during major Steam sales.  Since Steam implemented a refund system, many people have complained that the sales are now lackluster because we’re not seeing such deep discounts on the more popular titles.  However, with a little bit of research, you sometimes still can find great games you’ve never heard of for almost nothing.

So, before we go any further, hats off to Dragnix, without whose video I might never have discovered Rollers of the Realm.

Rollers of the Realm is another indie mashup, but one I’ve never seen before – it’s a pinball puzzler RPG. True confession: until today, I had never had any real interest in playing pinball using a keyboard.  But the whole idea of a pinball RPG, and a $2 sale price, was too much to resist.


Each of your party members is a ball, and you can switch between party members by using one of the main flippers (those are the ones at the bottom with the green highlight) to hold the ball, and then scrolling through your party using the W and I keys.  Each different character has a unique magical spell, but they share a mana bar. You collect gold during each board, and between them, you have the option to purchase additional equipment to increase the power of your party.


In some places, you’re going to need to manipulate the flippers (and nudge the ball from time to time) to get your ball to where it needs to be to move onto the next level.  Sometimes, it’s just a frantic bit of combat, where you want to smash your ball into enemies over and over.  There are collectibles on most levels as well, and they’re not always so easy to get to.  If you see a chest, there’s a key hidden somewhere.


If you’re not excited about those mechanics, though, the story doesn’t feel like it’s going to be enough to drive you through.  Especially if you’re inexperienced with PC pinball, some of the earliest levels might take multiple attempts before you can make it all work. Someone with more experience might find it dull, but there are two difficulty options, and upping it from casual to challenging might make it more fun.


Overall, I think Rollers of the Realm is really well put together and I’m excited to play more.  Just playing through the storyline will easily net you 5 – 6 hours of gameplay, and the mechanics are fun enough I think there could be some replay value here.  There is also an arena mode with extra challenges separate from the story.  Not an awful value at full price, but an absolute steal at only $1.99.

One thought on “Rollers of the Realm

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