MOAI: Build Your Dream


MOAI: Build Your Dream on Steam (demo available)

MSRP: $6.99 ($3.99 / iOS)

Platforms: Win, Mac, iOS

Release: 4/7/13

MOAI: Build Your Dream is a time-management strategy game, where you have to proceed through levels to assist the Tapa-Thui tribe in rebuilding their island.  In this type of casual game, the story is never great, it’s just a loose set piece of reasoning – these games really need the play to shine.


Honestly, despite the fact that the game was successful enough to spawn three sequels, it’s not all that successful in pulling you in while teaching you mechanics.  You build resource-producing structures (all of which require resources to build) in order to meet the arbitrary goals for each level. The challenge here lies in determining the quickest way to do so – you can receive anywhere between 1 – 3 coins based on the time to completion.  Only three coin levels will help you progress in rebuilding the island’s great statues, so I’m not really sure why it isn’t just a pass fail condition unless there are far more levels than work to be done.


MOAI: Build Your Dream suffers from being a bit too basic – most time management games ramp up in difficulty, with the early levels serving as a tutorial.  There’s just so much structure here; the only choices you have are which resources to pursue in which order. I’m not really a huge fan of time management games to begin with, and without even an option to change the difficulty, I can’t see any reason to keep playing this one. It might be alright as a mobile game or for someone new to the genre, but there are so many better time management games out there, I can’t really recommend this one for anyone.

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