Prophour23 on Steam

MSRP: $9.99 (Steam) / $3.69 (GooglePlay)

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux, Android tablet

Release: 10/22/14

Prophour23 is a deliciously different type of tower defense game.   Instead of protecting a castle or a keep by placing towers to annihilate enemies, you are growing body parts using blood to protect a human heart from predatory insects. While I understand how massively creepy that sounds, it’s really a beautiful game.


No matter how many tower defense games you’ve played in the past, play through the tutorial. The entire tutorial. Twice if you need to.  How the body parts connect and function is almost painfully unintuitive.  Stomachs make blood and lungs collect it.  You use muscles to keep everything powered, and you can see fine, except at night when you’ll need an eye or two. Confused yet?


Each standard playthrough is very short – only minutes at first when you’re losing a lot, but even when you’re doing well, you should be able to start and finish a game in under a quarter hour.  Prophour23 is not a great game for someone who is complete unfamiliar with the mechanics of tower defense games, but for someone who likes the genre and is looking for a new layer of complexity, it’s stunning.

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