Last Hope – Tower Defense


Last Hope – Tower Defense on Steam

MSRP: $8.99 (Steam) / Free with in-game purchases (mobile)

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, WinPhone

Release: 4/13/16

Not sure why I’ve been so drawn to tower defense games lately, but I’m discovering it’s a pretty overpopulated genre with a few standout gems, and then a bunch of mediocre clones and a few real stinkers.  So, I guess in a lot of ways, like most other specialized genres.   Zombie games are also freaking everywhere lately, but I thought maybe a zombie tower defense game might just be different enough to hold my attention.


Just to make something clear here – I don’t have issues with games being anywhere from somewhat to completely derivative.  Like any other creative business medium, there will always be a few things that are really innovative and successful, a few more that are innovative but not successful, and the majority will be derivative work that can fall pretty much anywhere on the spectrum of success. If a game is fun, I don’t get overly caught up in how similar it is to another game.  I try to look at each game on its own merits and flaws.


As a tower defense game, Last Hope – Tower Defense does just fine.  What does get under my skin is the ridiculous and unnecessary caricature of Native Americans. I don’t know if the game crosses the line into being offensive, but it made me uncomfortable in way that I don’t want to be when I’m playing a video game, mostly because it felt completely unnecessary, as there are many other generic character types that would fit the setting. It made me not want to spend too much time with the game, and the time I did spend felt awkward.


Because of this, I can’t really recommend Last Hope – Tower Defense, not when there are so many solid titles out there.   However, if you do decide to check it out, it is part of a ten game bundle on IndieGala through September 14th.

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