Deepworld [Beta]


Deepworld [Beta] on Steam

MSRP: Free to play with in-game purchases

Platforms: Win, Mac, iOS

Release: 4/22/15

Deepworld describes itself as a “massively-multiplayer 2D crafting adventure game”.  Since it’s a free to play title, and in beta for over a year at this point, my expectations weren’t high, but I tend to enjoy digging, exploring, and resource collection even when there’s nearly nothing compelling about the game play.  However, after spending about half an hour with Deepworld, I can’t even tell you if I like it, never mind if it’s actually good.


I like the steampunk aesthetic, I like the signs that guide you carefully through most of the tutorial. The control scheme took a little getting used to – you don’t jump so much as use your jetpack to fly – but it was logical. The biggest problem I had was that, even in the tutorial, with things constantly being explained, I just didn’t get it.


I think, for fans of dig-games, it’s worth exploring. The majority of the negative reviews center around the fact that, if you want a private world to explore and build on, you need to purchase one with money.  I feel like they’re ignoring the fact that the base game is free, which means that having to spend something to fully enjoy the game is perfectly reasonable.


The premium upgrade is a measly $3. It doesn’t unlock everything ever, of course, but it makes it easier to earn premium currency in game. As with most free-to-play titles, you can treat it like a time suck, and grind your way to things you want, or treat it like a money-suck. I think having to pay for a private world makes sesne, and for the folks who just like to explore things and collect resources, the option to do that without ever paying a penny is there.

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