Alice’s Patchwork


Alice’s Patchwork on Steam

MSRP: $4.99

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android

Release: 3/3/16

It looks cute, doesn’t it? Like a super-casual, child-appropriate game. Well, let me tell you, this game is no joke.  Sure, it has the mobile feel about it even on PC (with unnecessary coin mechanics to encourage in-app purchases), but I cannot even imagine trying to put these puzzles together without the precision offered by a mouse.


All of the puzzles are of the stained glass variety rather than traditional jigsaw, and the tutorial will lull you into a false sense of security, as you only have a handful of pieces to place, and it’s pretty obvious where they go. Once you get a few puzzles in, however, you’d have to work very very quickly – as well as accurately – in order to manage to get all three keys per level. My mind is not that fast, but I had noticed a “relaxed mode” option, so I decided to try it out.


Relaxed mode lifts the time restriction for puzzles (meaning you automatically get two of the three keys just for completion), but not the “no mistakes” restriction. However, with the ability to work at my own pace, I found that goal a lot simpler to meet. I’m perfectly okay with the idea of using the hint button on occasion, especially since the game only shows you five pieces at a time.


Each section of 20 puzzles after the first must be unlocked with keys or coins.  On PC, there doesn’t seem to be any way to purchase coins for money in game, so it’s highly likely you’ll be replaying levels for keys or coins, especially if you’re playing timed. Alice’s Patchwork has 120 puzzles in total, which seems like quite a few for the low asking price. However, there are in-game purchases on mobile platforms, so even though there’s less initial investment, the game may end up costing a whole lot more if you decide to play it on a phone or tablet.

I’m actually surprisingly impressed with Alice’s Patchwork, at least after playing in relaxed mode. If I had to play with the timer, I probably would have bounced off the game before I finished the fourth puzzle. Without it, though, it’s a great little visual brain teaser, a must buy if you can find it at least half off, and worth $5 if you enjoy puzzles.


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