Steam Summer Sale 2016

2016-06-25 07_04_28-Welcome to Steam.jpg

Ok, bear with me.  I posit that the Steam sales (notably summer and winter) not only are their own games, but they are the best kind of games. They’re the kind of games where you get to decide what your next few weeks or months of gaming are going to look like.

What’s a game without rules, right? I’m going to build you some bundles from the current Steam Summer Sale, and these are the guidelines I’m going to use:

  • Each bundle is going to cost no more than $20 USD.
  • No single game is going to be more than $5.
  • No single game is going to be less than 50% off.
  • Every game will have a positive or better Steam rating.
  • Bundles will be (loosely) themed, and should offer upwards of 100 hours of play.

Ready? Ok, here we go.

Weird? I love weird.

TOTAL: $19.05

I just want to make stuff.

TOTAL: $18.75

Perma-death doesn’t scare me.

TOTAL: $17.72

All manner of puzzles & matching.

TOTAL: $18.15

Leaving death & destruction in my wake.

TOTAL: $18.42

Strategy for days.

TOTAL: $18.95


2 thoughts on “Steam Summer Sale 2016

  1. Myssidia says:

    You are a bad person


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