Catch a Falling Star


Catch a Falling Star on Steam

MSRP: $0.99

Platforms: Windows

Release: 3/30/16

Catch a Falling Star is a lovely casual arcade game.  The basic game play is just to move the basket along the bottom of the screen, and catch every star as it falls from the sky.  Your basket has a maximum capacity of five when you start out, and you must drop your stars off at either edge of the screen in order to be able to catch more.  You do earn a bonus for dropping off a full basket, but you can unload at any point.  Let a star touch the ground and you lose a life, as well as whatever stars are in your basket at the time.


It’s a solid game, but it’s also a bloated one.  Ice chips start falling a little ways in, which give you points if you bounce them off your basket, but take up a slot and slow you if you catch them. There are “power ups” that fall from the sky as well.  There’s no penalty for not catching those, but if you do, you have a chance that they will do something good – or something not so good – for a short period of time.  Slow basket speed is particularly annoying.  Then there are also coins which can be used to buy power ups at the start of a game, or used to unlock cosmetics.  And there are a LOT of cosmetics.


I cannot even fathom how long it would take to unlock all the cosmetic items (baskets and themes) and to complete all the achievements.  Catch a Falling Star would be a nightmare for someone who need to get all achievements and unlocks.  And there’s just not enough game play here to warrant that kind of commitment. I actually laughed when I saw that a recent update “made the game less grindy“.  There are worse ways to spend a dollar, and it’s a good time waster, but that’d be even more true if there were a little less game here.

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