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Pickers on Steam

MSRP: $9.99

Platforms: Win, Mac

Release 2/22/12

The hidden object game formula is well established.  If you want a point & click adventure game with hidden object puzzles, they’re everywhere.  While the standard formula makes for an enjoyable game, what it doesn’t have much of is replay value.  In comes Pickers – a hidden object game wrapped in an economic sim.

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You travel to different spots all over the country looking to buy low and sell high.  The places you visit will have standard hidden object scenes that give you extra money & potentially a free item that you can resell.  You can also wander around the properties, looking for items to purchase for resale. Some of the stuff will be hidden treasures, some of it is just junk, and it’s up to you to figure out which is which and turn a profit.

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Once you’ve picked out and haggled for the things you want – you’ll need to have obtained seven items, but you don’t necessarily have to get them all in the same place – you go back to your store.  Some items can be restored and/or appraised.  Some stuff, you can only sell as is and you really need to guess at what people will be willing to pay for it.  Open your shop to customers who are also not afraid to do a little haggling, and try make back all the money you’ve spent and then some.

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Every day, you have multiple categories of items that are “hot” – not only does this mean you have a better chance of making a profit, especially if you find something that’s a real treasure, but you also get bonus cash just for choosing items from those categories. You also may find things that are part of a set – you have to purchase them separately, but you can combine them in your shop before you put them up for sale.  A complete item is always going to net a bigger profit than a partial one.

Overall, Pickers is pretty excellent for what it is.  The hidden object scenes play fair, and the buying & selling actually requires a bit of patience and thought to get right. Because of the randomness of the categories, and the sheer quantity of buyable items, I can see this having a lot of replay value where most other hidden object titles are really one-and-done.

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