Children of Ur – Alpha

2016-06-13 17_11_29-

Children of Ur – Alpha

MSRP: Free

Platform: Browser-based

Release: 2/25/14

It might seem odd that I’m taking the time to talk about a browser-based game that’s been in alpha for over two years.  And maybe it is.  But Children of Ur is a labor of love, painstakingly restoring Tiny Speck’s Glitch – a browser based game beloved by its fans that close down in 2012.

2016-06-13 17_22_09-Glitch

Then Tiny Speck did something great – they released all the art, animations, and code into the public domain, allowing fans to work on recreating the wonder that was Glitch.  Maybe it’s illogical to want to recreate a game that, ultimately, wasn’t successful.  However, the people behind Children of Ur (as well as the folks behind Eleven) are putting forth a great deal of effort on the resurrection.

2016-06-04 11_59_04-CoU - children of Ur.jpg

Children of Ur is currently in a playable alpha.  You’re able to go into the world and wander around, but at this point, I’d only recommend it for the former Glitch-ians who have nostalgia to rely on. It’s rough, it’s buggy, and many of the things that made the original such a wonder – including the community – aren’t there yet.  However, if you did have an account back in the day, and you remember the name of your character, you will be restored to your former avatar.  This was a lovely little touch that made me feel like I was coming home.

There’s no actual release date on the horizon at this time, but it brings me so much joy just to know that this is happening.

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