Chuzzle Deluxe

2016-05-27 20_28_59-Chuzzle Deluxe 1.0.jpg

Chuzzle Deluxe on Steam (demo available)

MSRP: $4.99

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Release: 8/30/06

There are probably about a million casual match-3 games out there, but I really think that Chuzzle is probably my favorite.  It’s a slide-to-match game, rather than a swap to match, and is unusual in that it doesn’t require your matches to be in a straight horizontal or vertical line.

2016-05-27 20_30_10-Chuzzle Deluxe 1.0.jpg

There are four game modes: Classic, Speed, Zen, and Mind Bender.  Classic is untimed, where you keep making matches until there are no more moves available – although you are allotted a small number of shuffles – or until you fill up the score bottle, at which point you go to the next level. Speed is exactly what it sounds like – a race against the clock.  Zen is the never ending mode, and Mind Bender is the “puzzle mode”.  I personally spend most of my time playing Classic.

As you increase in level, not only are other colors added, but you will run into a few things that will make matching more challenging.  The first thing you’ll encounter are giant chuzzles, which take up the space of four normal chuzzles, and lock together the lines that contain it.  You are also unable to slide a giant chuzzle off the board, so that further limits your possible moves.   Then, the game will start adding in locked chuzzles, which cannot be moved at all either horizontally or vertically.  It’s usually a good idea to prioritize getting rid of the special chuzzles since having too many on the board at a time can mean game over if they lock you out of moves completely.


As far as casual game go, the $5 price tag is very reasonable, and there is a demo available so you can try before you buy.  If you enjoy match-3 game play, Chuzzle Deluxe is a can’t miss.

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