Majesty 2 Collection


Majesty 2 Collection on the Paradox Store

MSRP: $9.99*

Platform: Windows

Release: 9/18/09

To this day, I have an irrational level of love for the original Majesty.  Majesty 2 doesn’t quite have the charm of the original, but the Majesty 2 Collection does a decent job of living up to the expectations set by its predecessor. It does lack the sandbox mode from the first game, however, the Kingmaker expansion added some randomization options & the ability to create custom scenarios.


If you choose to play the campaign in the base game, you’ll be starting with a ridiculously easy, hand-holding tutorial mission.  Then things start getting hard, and they start getting hard pretty quickly.  In a lot of ways, Majesty 2 makes the whole “indirect control” thing a lot more irritating than it was in the previous game.

You will find that your gold doesn’t go as far as it once did – I’m guessing they adjusted for inflation – and none of your heroes are going to rush out for those 100 gold exploration flags that you drop at the edges of the map.  They’re not even as motivated by the treasure chests just hanging around waiting to be scooped up.  Expect to have to nudge up the bounty on your flags repeatedly until someone takes interest, and don’t be surprised when your level 2 rogue dies an awful death chasing something she shouldn’t.


On the upside, the graphics are much nicer to look at, the UI is a little easier to navigate and understand, and best of all, the Monster Kingdom expansion pack adds a campaign in which you play the monsters instead of the heroes.  There’s absolutely some gold here – and not just the kind you’ll have to throw around madly to get anything done.

If you’ve never played a Majesty game, I would absolutely recommend that you start with Majesty Gold.  For fans of the original, the Majesty 2 Collection will probably drive you mad at times, but there are some improvements to be had, even if in some places, it feels like Paradox took a giant step backwards. There’s definitely more than $10 worth of game play here – although I would pass on purchasing just the base game which sells for the same price at many retailers.

*Take note the the retail price when buying directly from Paradox is half the price on Steam or  There are reports of multiple game-breaking bugs in the Steam version, and that is what you get when buying from the Paradox site.  I have not run into these bugs in the version I own, from Direct2Drive, however, they only have the base games & expansions for individual purchase, leading to an even higher purchase price.

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