200% Mixed Juice


200% Mixed Juice on Steam

MSRP: $6.99

Platform: Windows

Release: 10/23/15

It’s been more than a little challenging, even with my excellent Google-Fu to understand what this whole “Orange Juice” thing is.  See, when I picked up 200% Mixed Juice in a bundle, I *thought* what I was getting was a different version of the digital board game 100% Orange Juice.  Instead, what I got was a Pokemon-esque card & dice RPG fighter featuring characters from the last 10 years of games made by Japanese developer Orange_Juice.


As someone who doesn’t follow anime, has played almost no JRPGs, and has never actually played a Pokemon game, saying I went into this blind was the understatement of the century. As far as I can figure, you play as a character named Protagonist who doesn’t say much. You are sent on a quest, of sorts, to go to school, make friends & allies, and then do battle.

You meet you first ally on the way to school, participate in one seemingly impossible to lose battle, and then you are almost immediately tossed into battle training.  You can “buy” allies at the school store with any stars you have earned, and you can take a team of up to three allies into battle. Each ally has three abilities, and there are different types of abilities (indicated by an open palm, a closed fist, and a victory symbol), but I couldn’t figure out what was supposed to be strong against what in the short time I played.


At the beginning of each round, you and your opponent each roll a die – the number that comes up is the number of skill points you gain that round.  Each ability costs a different number of skill points, and unused points carry over to the next round.  You can switch your active ally at the beginning of a round, but that takes up your action for that round. When your team is defeated, it’s game over, but you can reload the save from before that battle.

I don’t think 200% Mixed Juice is for me.  I feel like I’m missing a lot strategy wise, and I’m not sure if the tutorial has lost something in the translation, or if it’s deliberately obtuse, but I don’t get it, and I’m not enjoying it enough to put in the effort.  However, considering the game has multiplayer support, as well as the story mode, and tons of collectibles & achievements, I feel like this would be an incredible value for someone who enjoys this type of game.

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