Time Mysteries: Inhertiance Remastered


Time Mysteries: Inhertiance Remastered on Steam

MSRP: $9.99

Platform: Win, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Release: 10/6/14

Usually, hidden object games from Artifex Mundi are pretty decent.  Sadly, Time Mysteries: Inheritance Remastered seems to be one of their duds.  You play as Vivan Ambrose, a physicist who stumbles on a time travel adventure while looking for her missing father.


Although the premise is pretty out there, the problems with this game are completely and utterly in the execution. It manages to be both overly hand-hold-y and deliberately obtuse simultaneously. When playing on the lower difficulty, interactables are supposed to sparkle, but the effect isn’t always in the place where you need to click, and other times, click boxes seem impossibly large.


The hidden object scenes aren’t bad, exactly, but the I encountered the lighting trick (where they lighting is constantly changing, usually to try to make up for a poorly designed level) on the second HO scene. Not impressive.  On top of that, the adventure game components feel poorly structured – you can find objects you don’t need yet, but you’re unable to interact with them appropriately, and sometimes, you find something you can interact with without having any idea why you’re doing it.

There just isn’t any polish here, and I didn’t find the story anywhere near captivating enough to make up for the sloppy mechanics. I gave the game about 15 minutes before deciding that there were better ways to spend my time.  This is especially disappointing because I know Artifex Mundi can – and has – done much better.


While hidden object games aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, they go on sale pretty frequently, and since I picked this up in a bundle of 6 games for under $2, I can’t get too upset. However, at a retail price of $9.99, this is a travesty.

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