Close Your Eyes

2016-04-10 20_43_09-Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes on Steam

MSRP: Free

Platform: Windows

Release: 8/31/15

Horror games, on the whole, are both strange and diverse.  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because of the wide variety of things that people consider scary.  I tend to be spooked more by things I hear and things I almost – but can’t quite – see, rather than the big scary monster dripping with blood standing right in front of me.

Close Your Eyes is a horror game about confusion and darkness and uncertainty. You’re a murder on death row, who manages to escape after an execution gone wrong, but the abandoned subway system you escape into might be a fate worse than death.

2016-04-10 20_46_02-Close Your Eyes.jpg

The graphics are downright awful, but let me tell you, you’re not here for the visuals, not really. The audio is where this game really shines, and if you want the highest chance of terror, play with headphones.

2016-04-10 20_45_12-Close Your Eyes.jpg

That pink thing in the center of the screenshot above is apparently supposed to be an eye, but really, what matters is that it’s a save point. Use your save points when you see them, because in the first half hour or so, I think I’ve come across four in total. Of course, I also haven’t come across anything that could kill me … that I know of.

There are some puzzles, one of which has already sent me looking for a walk through.  Even after being told where the clue was, it made no sense to me. Mostly, I’ve just been wandering around, looking at and touching everything I can, and wondering if it’s all going to make sense eventually.

And although I hope it does, it’s a worthwhile experience regardless. I have no idea how long the game is, but the developer teases multiple endings, and although I don’t feel like I’ve really made any critical decisions that would effect the outcome of the game, maybe I have. Maybe I just don’t realize it yet.

Close Your Eyes is absolutely free, but there is paid DLC if you want a way to throw some cash at the developer (or if you just want to own the soundtrack, which is probably worth the $2 on its own).  Download it. Turn off the lights, put on your headset, and prepare to be confused, in the most wonderful, unsettling way.

2016-04-10 21_07_17-Close Your Eyes.jpg

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