Goo Cubelets


Goo Cubelets on Steam

MSRP: $1.99

Platform: Windows

Release: 9/1/15

Goo Cubelets is a pretty basic puzzle game.  Unfortunately, the real “challenge” of the puzzles comes from only two things – first, that they are timed and second, the workings of the game are never explained so it’s very easy, especially early on, to make a mistake that will leave you unable to proceed.


You are the green cube, and you can move yourself around inside the red boundary with the arrow keys.  To complete the level you must move a cube or cubes to the matching color spot on the grid. There is no tutorial – this I figured out through trial and error.  The game also doesn’t tell you that yellow cubes are obstacles that cannot be moved.  It also doesn’t tell you that you need wind up space in order to have the power to move a cube – if you manage to knock a cube against an edge, or even one space from the edge, you’ll be unable to get up the force to move it away from that edge.  If this happens, you can press R to restart the level.

This isn’t too punishing in the early levels (when the game expects you to complete the puzzles in seconds rather than minutes), but as the levels progress, they get more complex with more to do, and pushing a cube a little too hard might mean a lot of wasted effort.


There are fifty levels, so once you’ve got the knack of the game, it shouldn’t take a terribly long time to finish it.  Given that the full price is so low, and the fact that it very frequently goes on sale for $1 or less, I’m okay with the fact that this is basically a throwaway game. Personally, I wasn’t wowed, but it’s cheap enough if you enjoy puzzlers with a speed component.

There’s a commonly reported problem with Goo Cubelets and its sequel where people cannot see the target squares.  There is a fix for this – just follow directions in the following video.  Feel free to play it without the sound; the sound seems to be COMPLETELY unrelated to the content.

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