Wandering Willows

2016-04-02 17_03_49-Wandering Willows.jpg

Wandering Willows on Amazon (demo available)*

MSRP: $6.99

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Release: 8/12/09

Sometimes you just want to play something adorable and not too challenging.  For days like those, there are games like Wandering Willows, a too-cute-for-words game of quests, friendship, and pet collection.

2016-04-02 17_05_48-Wandering Willows.jpg

When your hot air balloon crashes on an island, you’re befriended by a critter than looks somewhat, but not entirely, like a donkey.  Together, you will work with the folks on the island who are only too willing to help you repair your balloon, if you’d just do a couple of itty bitty things for them first.

It’s not a new game concept – not even in 2009 when the game was released.  But it is an enjoyable romp with an impressive (for a casual game) 15-20 hour completion time. The graphics are absolutely dated, and yet still charming.

2016-04-02 17_07_47-Wandering Willows.jpg

Wandering Willows will not challenge you.  It’s unlikely to make you think.  You probably won’t get frustrated, and your character definitely isn’t going to die – this island is the safest place imaginable.  There is absolutely zero combat. Obviously, this isn’t going to be a game for everyone.

People who really enjoy exploration and collection will likely get the most of out Wandering Willows.  If you don’t care about obtaining all the pets and crafting recipes, you probably won’t get a whole lot of play just tearing through the story, and you’ll likely find it tedious before too long.  However, completionists rejoice – this game was practically made for you.

2016-04-02 17_13_13-Wandering Willows.jpg

*Wandering Willows is also available on Steam, but for more than twice the price of the Amazon download.  I did have issues with my anti-virus software (AVG Free) and the Amazon version, but was able to circumvent it by adding an exception.  I don’t know if the same issue exists with the Steam version.

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