Teddy Factory

2016-03-20 17_08_53-TeddyFactory.jpg

Teddy Factory on Shockwave

MSRP: $6.99

Platform: Windows

Release: 11/20/06

Teddy Factory is an odd game.  It’s a casual game where you build teddy bears from parts on conveyor belts, which would seem to be aimed at a pretty young crowd.  However, once you get through the first handful of levels, the game really gets to be too hectic for it to be an entertaining diversion for a child. But, if you can get past the cute, there’s enough challenge here for it to be an interesting diversion.

2016-03-20 17_09_38-TeddyFactory.jpg

So, you’re working at the Teddy Bear factory so that you can bring the “excess” bears to orphans. It’s a noble cause. However, there aren’t always too many excess bears left over at day’s end.   You’re fighting the Veruca Salts just waiting for their ideal bear impatiently at the bottom of the screen, as well as the haphazardness of the conveyor belt giving you the right parts.  Basically, if you’re going for speed and max score, you’re not making a lot of bears for the less fortunate.

2016-03-20 17_09_54-TeddyFactory.jpg

However, if you ignore the story and just focus on making the kids who are buying bears happy, it’s a decently fun casual game, and it’s definitely outside the mold of all the hidden object / match 3 games (although it’s on the edge of the third part of the casual game trifecta, the time management game). Teddy Factory isn’t going to change your life or haunt your dreams, but it’s decent for what it is – a time waster game.

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