Triple Town

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Triple Town on Steam

MSRP: $9.99 (Steam), Free /One time purchase for full unlock (mobile)

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Facebook

Release: 10/14/10

Triple Town is an interesting twist on match-3 casual games.  Instead of looking for matches in order to clear a board, you’re placing tiles in order to fill one up.  When three like tiles touch, they condense into a new tile at the point where you last placed a tile down.  I promise, I’m making it sound way more confusing than it is.

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The thing that makes it a challenge is that the boards tend to be very small.  One misplaced item and it might be nearly impossible to make your strategy work. Of course, there are items that will clear objects and complete any group of three, but they are few and far between.  If you get a tile that you don’t want to place yet (or one of those fix-it objects you’re not ready to use) you can store one tile on the circle in the upper left hand corner.

Then there are the bears. Bears add another level of strategy, as they can move around the board.  You can limit their movement by blocking them in (although sometimes ninja bears will appear who can warp to any open tile on the board).  If your bears are totally blocked in and unable to move, they turn into tombstones. Three (or more) tombstones will make a church, but it’s often challenging to position bear tiles as precisely as the others due to the movement.

The computer version comes with the Standard Colony mode and three other game modes you can play.  Playing the game earns you coins, which you can spend whenever you please at the item store.

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Triple Town is fun – I purchased it after getting hooked on the Facebook version.  But it’s not a $10 game.  There just isn’t enough depth to it.  It’s a game that works in the limited turn format for which it was designed.  That said, if you’re the type who spends a whole bunch of money on in-game items, maybe $10 will feel like a deal to you.


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