2016-03-15 15_24_23-140.jpg

140 on Steam

MSRP: $4.99

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Release: 10/16/13


Games without any kind of instruction or guidance are almost as bad for me as platforming games.  Guess what? 140 is both.  On the upside, it seems to be a platformer that doesn’t rush you; you can take your time, really look at the environment and only then decide how best to proceed.

2016-03-16 09_56_08-140.jpg

140 is extremely minimalistic.  There are no menus.  Your avatar is a square when you’re still, a circle when you’re moving left or right, and a triangle when you jump.  Controls are what you’d expect – WASD or arrow keys with the space bar for jumping. The small circles, as seen above, start levels and serve as checkpoints through the game.  If you die (so far the only way I’ve found to die is by missing jumps and falling into static), you’re brought back to the last check point and allowed to resume.

There are only three levels, however, once you beat all the levels, you are rewarded with the opportunity to play mirror levels – they mimic the initial levels but strip away all the internal checkpoints – death means starting over at the beginning.

2016-03-15 15_25_13-140

The music in 140 isn’t just pretty background noise; the rhythm of the music is tied to some of the in game elements.  As you progress, you will get used to listening for cues that will help you proceed. Sometimes you will have to jump before the platform appears, and the music helps you time those jumps.

If you decide to stop playing before completing a level, you must restart the game at the beginning of the level – checkpoints are discarded once the game has been closed.  And the escape key will close the game – remember, no menus.

140 is most definitely NOT for me – if I’m going to clumsily struggle through a platforming game, there better be one hell of a payoff past just beating the game.  However, I can see the appeal for folks who enjoy just this sort of a challenge.

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