2016-02-09 14_08_38-Unrest.jpg

Unrest on Steam (demo available)

MSRP: $14.99

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Release: 7/23/14

Unrest is an RPG set in ancient India where you take on the roles of several different characters through multiple chapters.  The setting is fairly unusual, as is the fact that combat is something best avoided – almost all of the storytelling and character development take place through conversation & variations on fetch quests.

2016-02-09 14_09_15-Unrest.jpg

This is another game you might want to skip if you’re not big on blocks of text in video games – due to the construction of the game, there’s a lot of reading to do.  There is also nothing in the way of traditional character development – you’re thrust into a persona and the past is already determined; you will develop your character in the choices you make, but not in the traditional stat allocation manner.

Unrest is a pretty game, and it’s a daring game, and for someone who likes their game time served with a hefty dose of pondering on moral issues, it’s probably a fabulous game. Personally, I couldn’t get into it.  I spent less than half an hour with the demo, most of that time dedicated just to walking around and trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing next, and I think that’s the wrong mindset to take in here.

2016-02-09 14_14_35-Unrest.jpg

I think Unrest is meant to be as much of an exploration & yes, even an education as it’s supposed to be a game.  Every word you say and decision you make will change the way the game unfolds for that character and the characters that come after.  But in the end, it’s just a good story, and good stories don’t always make compelling games.

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