Serena on Steam

MSRP: Free

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux

Release: 1/30/14

Serena bills itself as a point-n-click adventure game, but it’s really closer to a visual novel.  It’s extremely short; if you’re the type that has to touch everything over and over, you might spend an hour on it.

However, the brevity is a good thing here – Serena demands your undivided attention – there is no save feature, there is no menu, and ALT-TAB will minimize Serena, but it will also make your cursor stick.  So don’t load it up unless you’re willing to see it through to the end.


The game is from the point of a view of a man reminiscing about his wife. The entire game takes place in a small cabin – you can walk around and look at everything, and as you examine certain objects, you discover more of the story.  It’s a dark, vaguely creepy game, but it never really crosses the line into being horror.


Serena is a pretty well put-together game, considering that it’s being given away.  It’s even more impressive when you realize how many people volunteered time and effort to make this game happen. There were over 40 collaborators, and somehow, the game holds together – I could have just as easily believed this to be the product of a small team, or a single developer.

It is interesting enough to merit a play through, but there’s no replay value here.



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