2016-03-10 13_07_25-LYNE.jpg

LYNE on Steam

MSRP: $2.99

Platforms: Win, Mac, Linux

Release: 3/17/14

LYNE is a puzzle game where the objective on each level is to connect sets of shapes with lines that cannot cross each other.  Sounds really easy, right? And for awhile it is.  But the further you progress through the puzzles, the more complicated it becomes.

2016-03-10 13_08_11-LYNE.jpg

You start and end with the shapes that have borders & white centers, and you can connect them using any of the translucent lines. Each line must proceed directly to another shape (in the example above, you cannot go through the center of the puzzle).

2016-03-10 13_09_18-LYNE.jpg

The octagon in the center of the above puzzle requires two lines to go through it – if you figure out a way of completing the puzzle without using it, well, you haven’t completed the puzzle.

There are 26 sets of 25 puzzles each, and once you complete half the sets, you unlock access to daily puzzle sets.  Theoretically, daily puzzle sets mean that you can’t ever really be finished with the game – there will always be more to do tomorrow.

As someone who enjoys puzzle games, LYNE is absolutely worth the purchase price.

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