Puzzler World

2016-03-03 11_33_38-Puzzler World

Puzzler World on Steam

MSRP: $4.99 (Steam), Free with in-app purchasing on mobile devices.

Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Facebook

Release: 5/28/10

Over the years, I’ve bought probably 200 puzzle magazines.  My favorites were always the big thick ones that had a bunch of different kinds of puzzles in them. Puzzler World is the first PC game I ever tried that could come close to duplicating that experience.

Puzzler World offers 8 different kinds of main puzzles – most of which will be familiar to anyone who likes puzzles (hint: Fitword is a type of puzzle more commonly referred to in the US as Fill-In).  Silhouette is barely a puzzle – you’re given a picture with many small dots and are instructed to fill in only the pieces containing a dot – I’m not sure where the puzzle part comes in here at all.  However, Link-A-Pix is probably my favorite puzzle out of the lot.

2016-03-03 11_37_38-Puzzler World.jpg

You’re tasked with filling in a grid by connecting squares containing numbers. Squares with a one don’t connect to anything else.  Two squares containing the number two must be adjacent; two squares with 3s must have one colored square between them so that three squares are colored in and so on. Numbers must be the same color to link. Correctly linking all the numbers will reveal a picture.

2016-03-03 11_34_35-Puzzler World.jpg

Challenge mode is made up of 560 main puzzles, each of which opens a bonus puzzle when completed.  There are six kinds of bonus puzzles – most of which are super-quick to play and include things like “Hangman”. There is also a quickplay mode, which allows you to pick any of the 8 types of main puzzles to play.  Playing through the challenge mode will also unlock hint tokens for use in future levels.

As far as value for the money, this game is pretty amazing, even if you only enjoy half of the types of puzzles it contains. On mobile devices, you can choose to download apps for each type of puzzle (including a few that are only in later games in the series), or the Puzzler World app itself, which includes one of each type for free with the option to buy more.

The graphics are nothing special, and the music gets irritating fast if you don’t turn it off. At first, the game may seem too easy – the early puzzles are pretty simple to get you used to the different types.  However, as you continue on, the puzzles get progressively harder, and you may be grateful for those hint tokens.

If you think you may ever pick up another puzzle magazine at the drugstore, do yourself a favor and spend $5 on this instead.


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