MSRP: $6.99 (Steam) / $2.99 (iOS) / Free (Browser-based)

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, browser-based

Release: 8/8/11

I feel like I say this a lot, but this game is unique.  Let me show you the intro.



This was all it took for me to be totally intrigued.  The music is awesome (and so are the voice overs once you get into it).  The game is not all full-motion video, instead it’s got some beautiful interactive graphic scenery, and an interesting mechanic of drawing symbols on the screen to move about and manipulate objects.  You can also move by clicking on other areas of the scene, but once you discover how the controls work, you may find it easier to use the symbols.


In each of the four dreamscapes there are photographs to find.  When you reach the main ending, you will be rewarded with a short video.  There are alternate endings in each dreamscape as well.  Clicking on “Show Discoveries” for a dreamscape at the main menu will allow you to see how many photos you have found (and have yet to find), as well as potential endings to discover.


Subtitles are off by default, so as not to mar the beauty of the experience, but I turned them on so as to make sure I followed all the story.  This one is worth putting your headphones on for if you can, and leaving the subtitles off.

The game is short – so short in fact you may feel like the $7 price tag is a bit much. The computer controls make me think this game would lend itself very well to play on a tablet.  If nothing else, go the game’s website and play through a bit of it online.


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