2016-03-02 11_12_41-Play Drawception


MSRP: Free

Platform: Browser-based

Release: 3/27/12

Drawception is a multiplayer online game of artistic telephone that you play in your browser.  You need to sign up – either with an email address or through you preferred social media platform.  It takes mere seconds, and then you can jump right into the fun.

2016-03-02 11_12_24-Drawception - The social picture telephone game!.jpg

As you can see from the “how it works” above, it doesn’t take much for a game of Drawception to go horribly wrong.  And that, right there, is the best reason to play, no matter what you artistic skill level.  Mine is pretty much non-existent, especially with the limited tools at my disposal on the Drawception site.

Look, I’ll prove it.

2016-03-02 11_38_36-Playing Drawception.jpg

I can not MS Paint, people!  Honestly, I greatly prefer when I get the pictures that I just have to caption (and if that’s your thing, you can just keep pressing skip until a picture in need of caption comes up), but to get the most of out Drawception, you have to draw sometimes. It’s ok if you’re terrible.  Sometimes, it’s more fun if you draw badly than if you draw very well.

2016-03-02 11_31_48-Playing Drawception

You can take up to 10 minutes to draw your picture or write your caption. Initially, you can only participate in a few games at a time, once a game has finished, you’ll be able to participate in a new one.  However, as people like your artwork or captions, you will gain experience and levels, opening up more active games at one time.

There’s also the option to create and participate in private games, if you’re feeling shy and you have friends that play.  But the randomness of public games is really where it’s at.

Even if playing Drawception isn’t for you, take a few minutes and browse through some completed games. You won’t regret it. Unless hot coffee comes flying out your nose from laughing so hard.

2016-03-02 11_39_23-KOYL9F5BaH.png (PNG Image, 906 × 1058 pixels) - Scaled (89%).jpg


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