Mystic Saga


Mystic Saga on Steam

MSRP: Free

Platform: Windows

Release: 1/27/16


Sometimes, I really don’t understand the free-to-play games market.  I mean, I do in that I get that the point is to hook you and then persuade you to buy their in-game stuff; currency or extra levels or what have you.  But what I don’t get is why you would take a game that looks and feels like it was built for mobile platforms and not release it on said platforms.  Searching for “Mystic Saga” on iOS or Android only pulls up information about a complete different hidden object game.


That said, it’s standard hidden object fare.  Personally, I’m not a fan of games that give you so few objects to find but make you spend a whole bunch of energy per scene search. I just can’t imagine making the decision to restrict play time twice – once by energy, and once by such a paltry number of objects to find.  The “rewards” (mostly quest items) feel seriously disproportionate to the amount of time you spend per search.


There’s nothing particularly impressive about the game.  This is not a complaint, since it was a free download; it cost nothing to try it out, and I’m not at a loss if I never open it again.  It took me about 15 minutes to burn through my energy, however, that included leveling up a few times, so I wouldn’t expect more than 5-10 minutes per game play session.

On the plus side, Mystic Saga does randomize the location of the items it asks you to find, so it doesn’t quickly become a memory game. There are (at least) three modes – search by object name, search by object shape, and search in the dark.  This is also pretty standard fare for these types of games – I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere further along there’s a “search for item by scrambled name”.


It irks me a little bit that Mystic Saga doesn’t include the cash prices for its in-game currency on the purchase screen – you have to click and only then does it open your Steam wallet and show you how much you’re about to spend.  I rarely keep funds in my Steam wallet, so I’m unsure if it auto-purchases on click if you have adequate funds to cover it.  If it does, well, you’re likely to see some complaints in the reviews soon.

I don’t require a whole lot from a hidden object game, but for me, this isn’t one I’m likely to revisit.  I’ve played plenty of other free-to-play hidden object games that give you a lot more to do, and are available for my phone or tablet to boot. Even for free, I’m unlikely to spend any more time with Mystic Saga, and I’m certainly not going to be spending any money on it.

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