Iron Snout


Iron Snout on Steam

MSRP: Free

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Release: 1/27/16

This little piggy is mad, and he’s not going to take it anymore.  Iron Snout is a fighting game, played using only the arrow keys (at least on the computer; I have no idea how it translates to mobile).  It’s super fast-paced, silly, and gory as all get out. And it’s totally free, so we forgive it’s little flaws.

Like the fact that Steam achievements are completely borked.

2016-02-25 13_47_22-Steam.jpg

I assure you, I wasn’t good enough to kill 9,001 wolves simultaneously.

There are two main modes, classic and 1 HP.  Start with classic because unsurprisingly, in 1 HP mode, a single hit means game over. And it takes a little bit to get used to knowing when to duck with the down arrow or jump with the up arrow.  Sometimes, you catch weapons, but so far, it seems to be completely a matter of luck – you cannot actually move your pig.


So far, most games for me are over in just a couple of minutes, making this a perfect quick play game.  Also, do you see the health bars. They’re BACON. Come on now, Iron Snout, you’re killing me.

Download this.  It takes literally seconds to download on any modern connection.



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