The Sacrifice

2016-02-22 20_43_50-Greenshot

The Sacrifice

MSRP: Free

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Release: 8/24/15

Before I talk too much about the game, I want to tell you about this cool thing I just found out about.  It’s called Ludum Dare and it’s a regular event that invites people to create a game in just 72 hours on a pre-determined theme. Mind. Blown. The Sacrifice was an entry into LD33; the theme was “You Are the Monster”.

2016-02-22 20_44_01-Greenshot.jpg

The game is simple & yet you have to see from the start that it’s unwinnable. There is no end. Survive for as long as you can.  Each season, you need to decide how to utilize the five families – they can forage, build, or evangelize, and each choice affects either food, shelter or happiness. Once you’ve allocated your resources, you click the button on the bottom to end your turn.

And that’s when things get really, really disturbing.

2016-02-22 20_47_51-Greenshot

I was drawn in by the developer’s choice of two-color artwork, and for a game created in a weekend, I’m impressed. It’s not a game that you’ll spend tons of time on, but since it’s available for free, cost per entertainment hour isn’t part of the equation. It will make you uncomfortable, and your discomfort will likely increase the more you play. It’s not a happy game, but for what it is, it’s a damn good one.

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