Super Text Twist

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Text Twist on GameHouse

MSRP: $9.99 (or play free in your browser)

Platforms: PC / Browser-based

Release: 1/1/01

Word games are odd creatures.  They almost always seem to be way too easy or insanely difficult. Super Text Twist has a good handle on the balance of difficulty needed to be a satisfying word puzzle game.  It offers two modes – a play-at-your-speed puzzle mode and a timed mode.

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The rules are simple – you’re given a handful of letters, and with those letters, you need to spell every word possible. Well, mostly.  If you manage to find the word or words that use all the letters, you will go onto the next round, despite how many other words you might miss.  However, if you don’t get the longest word, it’s game over.  Of course, in puzzle mode, you can take all the time you need to figure it out.

You can see how many words of each length are left to find along the left hand side of your screen.   There’s also a button that says “Twist” – all that does is change the order of the letters on your screen.  There’s no penalty for twisting repeatedly, but it may not help you much either.

2016-02-16 15_54_43-Greenshot

One of the things I really like about Super Text Twist is that you’re not playing against anyone (person or computer opponent), which makes it really just about what you can come up with.  I don’t know that it has enough long-term replay value to be worth $10, but it’s a great game to play in short spurts in your browser.

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