Game of Thrones: Ascent

2016-02-13 16_11_16-Play Game of Thrones Ascent, a free online game on Kongregate.jpg

Game of Thrones: Ascent on Kongregate

MSRP: Free with in-game purchasing

Platforms: iOS, Android/Kindle, Browser-Based, Facebook

Release: 4/15/13

I’d consider myself a moderate Game of Thrones fan.  I’m intrigued by the show, and have read most of the books. What I haven’t felt the need to do, however, is buy the tie-in games that have, for the most part, only gotten mediocre reviews. So it doesn’t surprise me that this game didn’t even merit a blip on my radar until today – a Game of Thrones game just wasn’t something I was looking for.

But the idea was too interesting to not at least poke at.  A story-driven strategy game, which includes events & characters from the books; sounds great. However, with this being a mobile app, I had my doubts.

2016-02-13 15_54_39-Play Game of Thrones Ascent, a free online game on Kongregate

Thus far, it seems to be fairly a fairly slow game on rails.  Perhaps I’m not understanding the depth of my choices so early on; it only seems logical that the quests would vary greatly depending on which house you swore fealty to. However, the biggest flaw seems to be that which plagues most mobile / Facebook-style games: you wait or you pay.

2016-02-13 15_56_39-Play Game of Thrones Ascent, a free online game on Kongregate.jpg

Pretty much every action has a completion timer, and while I’d like to lie to myself and say “Hey, these things take time”, I really do see it for what it is – an attempt to get you to shell out real cash in order to keep playing.  Not having explored too much of the game yet, I feel like this would have been fantastic if it were a real pay-once-up-front game; with 8 houses to pledge to, it’d even have some replay value.  But as a mobile game, I don’t know that it can keep me coming back to check on my hold and find out what’s happening in Westeros.

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