Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China


Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China on Steam

MSRP: $9.99

Platform: Windows, PS4, PSVita, XBox One

Release: 4/21/15

When my husband and I first bought our XBox 360, Assassin’s Creed 2 got a lot of play time. Most of which was him playing the game and me looking on saying “Oh my god, that’s SO COOL.” However, I’m not nearly as adept with a controller as he is, so when I decided to start at the beginning, I bought Assassin’s Creed for PC.

I don’t recommend Assassin’s Creed for PC or otherwise.  I played for a few hours, dubbed it “The Horse Riding Simulator” and forgot all about it.

However, as more and more AC games come out (some would say too many, too quickly), I’ve been wanting to dabble in the series some more.  I purchased AC: Black Flag, but haven’t loaded it up yet since I know it’s going to require far more time and attention than I’m able to give it at this point. However, when I saw that the first chapter of the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles was on sale for $4.99, I decided to give it a shot.


This is where I want to tell you folks that reading about and researching what you buy before you buy it is important! I just figured this was a typical AC game, but shorter. Guess what? It’s not a typical AC game. It’s a linear, 2.5D interpretation of Assassin’s Creed – reminding me more of Mark of the Ninja than of other Assassin’s Creed titles.

Since I am awful at all things platformer-esque, I figured I’d boot it up just to confirm that yes indeed, I cannot play this game, before putting in for a refund. Instead, I discovered I am just capable enough to be a little bit frustrated, but to want to keep playing.


The cut-scene art (as seen above) is beyond beautiful. I love that the player character is female. Checkpoints seem to happen fairly frequently – at least in the first level – so that screwing up doesn’t mean replaying huge chunks of the game over and over again. And it’s not a true platformer; there’s no benefit to rushing through as far as I’ve played, and trick jumps don’t really seem to be a thing.


AS Chronicles: China does require Uplay – for a lot of folks this is a deal breaker, but I’ve had less issues with Uplay than with Origin or the Rockstar Games Social Club. If you come into it expecting the open-world and play-your-own-way aspects of previous games, you are likely to be disappointed.  However, if you’re willing to submit to the whims of the game, and you’re comfortable with the fact that the game is significantly shorter (probably about 5 hours on normal difficulty), it’s really an interesting and beautiful twist on the formula.

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  1. […] a couple of short play sessions, I feel pretty confident in my assessment that the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games took a little bit of inspiration from Mark of the Ninja, and personally, I prefer the look […]


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