Skilltree Saga

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Skilltree Saga on Steam

MSRP: $9.99 ($2.99 on mobile)

Platforms: Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android

Release: 12/4/14

I picked up Skilltree Saga on a whim.  It was on sale for $0.99 and most games are good for at least a dollar’s worth of entertainment.  I was curious about the description of a “rogue-like RPG” and I’m always looking for more casual RPG games because I just don’t have the time right now to devote to something with a crazy amount of depth and/or a steep learning curve.

Well, this game certainly doesn’t have a crazy amount of depth or a steep learning curve.  But the problem is that it just FEELS like a game designed for mobile platforms.  From the dual-currency that reeks of in-game purchases, to the Facebook integration, to the constant spam of easily achieved achievements, I’m not sure that this game translates well at all to an actual computer game.

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Skilltree Saga is one large dungeon crawl with just the barest hint of a story behind it.  Character customization is limited to choosing only your race (human, elf, or dwarf, each with a different skill bonus).  You are tossed into an unwinnable fight as a plot point – you are rescued and healed by the unnamed mentor who gives you the quick & dirty on how to be an Elemental Knight and then you are sent off to kill mushrooms, mosquitoes and wolves.

Gameplay consists of putting on some equipment, choosing which order to use your skills in, and pressing the loot button afterwards.  The actual combat is scripted – the game will use the skills you’ve chosen in the order you’ve chosen (blank spots are filled in with basic melee attacks), and hopefully you win. You’re given the option to retreat to town after each encounter, and although their are healing and mana pots available, they’re bought with gems rather than gold, and aren’t always affordable.

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If you die in battle, you will wake back in town with none of the items obtained from your last run.  You retain all your gold and gems, but be aware that it costs gold to go back out, so retreating too early will leave you forever unable to upgrade your equipment.

While there’s nothing wrong with the game per se, there just isn’t very much of it.  The design decision to script all combat without giving you the opportunity to choose abilities reactively boggles my mind. If I had paid full price for this title on PC, I think I’d feel robbed.  There’s some strategy here, but there’s not enough to hold my attention for too long. Skilltree Saga falls far short of it’s potential, but may be worthwhile on a mobile device, where it might feel more at home.

2 thoughts on “Skilltree Saga

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