Cross-Stitch World

2016-02-02 10_48_35-Greenshot.jpg

Cross-Stitch World Facebook App

MSRP: Free with in game purchases.

Platform: Facebook

Release: 12/8/15

There are a lot of things that can be fun to do, but that don’t translate well into a video game.  Cross-stitching is one of those things.  I question how this even became a game (albeit, it’s only a Facebook game – many of which are less games than blatant money grabs).

2016-02-02 10_50_31-Greenshot.jpg

This is what a cross-stitch looks like when you open it – you’re given a very small number of patterns to start with (more are of course purchasable with cross-stitch cash). Of course, they give you a little to get you started, but it won’t be long before you’d have completed all the patterns – if you can even stand to “play” that long, and then they’ll be trying to get you to pony up real money to keep going.

2016-02-02 10_58_35-Greenshot.jpg

So how does it play? Well. You click on one of the colors on the right side of the screen, and click in the squares with matching labels to stitch. If you’re stitching a large area, you can click and drag.  If you make a mistake, they’re even generous enough to provide a free stitch ripper so you can correct it.

2016-02-02 10_51_41-Greenshot.jpg

I wish this were some sort of bizarre joke, but it’s not. Inertia Game Studios, you can do better than this. Even if it is “just Facebook”.

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